Frequently Asked Questions

Do we accept your insurance?


The only one that can answer that with 100% certainty is your insurance company.  Call the customer service number on your card and ask them.

NOTE: If you have an HMO insurance - Dr. Khan MUST be listed as your PCP before we can see you.

I need a prescription refill.


The best way to communicate a refill need is to have your pharmacy contact us electronically.

You may also request a refill through  your Patient Portal.

I need a referral


If y our insurance company requires you to have a referral to see another physician - A provider at MedPeds MUST see you to evaluate the problem BEFORE we can issue a referral. You may also contact us through the patient portal with additional questions.

Why did my appointment get moved ?


On occasion, unforeseen emergencies cause us to have to move appointments between providers.  If you only wanted to see a certain provider that visit - please inform your medical assistant and we will try to accommodate you if at all possible. 

How can I get my results?


Test results - imaging results-

are reviewed with you face-to-face with a provider.  You may ask for a copy at that time or you can request a copy through the patient portal. We do not just give results over the telephone.

What is a Patient Portal


Our patient portal enables secure, HIPAA compliant communication between the you and the clinic.  It enables you to:

Request a refill

request an appointment

pay your bill

receive summaries of your visit

receive test results

and more

If you provided your email address - you should have received instructions on setting up your portal.